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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials allow us to uncover new methods of treating retinal conditions. At VRM, we are proud to participate in clinical trials directed at advancing the treatment for vitreoretinal diseases. Clinical trials offer our patients an opportunity to access a potentially vision-rescuing therapy.  By participating in a clinical trial you can help us gain more knowledge about various conditions and how to treat them.

Each clinical study has specific criteria that participants must meet. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please discuss this with your doctor.

Our Commitment to Research

Making a correct diagnosis and being able to properly identify subtleties in the retina takes years of training.


Having access to and understanding how to apply the latest technology to help patients is something VRM prides itself upon.  Advances in technology now allow us to obtain views into the retina that were not possible before so that we are able to really understand what is happening at the very cellular level. 


As you can see below, our research and imaging has been featured on the covers of internationally recognized retina journals and textbooks.