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Research Fellowship



Application Deadline: March 29th 2024

Submit CV and Letter of Interest w/ references to


The Retina Research Fellowship is a one-year, full-time training program designed to provide advanced education and hands-on research experience in retina-related disorders. The fellowship is open to individuals who have completed medical school and are interested in pursuing a career in Ophthalmology and or retina research.


The program is based at a leading research institution with a strong reputation in retina research. The fellow will work closely with the principal investigator and collaborate with international faculty. The fellow will have the opportunity to work with these experts, as well as other researchers, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest research and treatment methods for retina-related disorders.

The fellow will participate in a variety of research projects, which will include phase III, IV clinical trials, machine learning, device development, 3D-printing and novel retinal imaging devices. These projects will focus on a range of retina-related disorders, both common and rare, including but not limited to: age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and surgical condtions. The fellow will have the opportunity to design and conduct their own research project, with the guidance of the faculty.

The fellow will also participate in monthly retina imaging rounds, where they will present their work and receive feedback from the faculty and other staff. They will also have the opportunity to present their research at national and international conferences throughout the academic year. Opportunities to lead within the research group will be based on the fellow’s skillset and depth of knowledge.

In addition to research, the fellow will also participate in clinical activities. They will attend retina clinics and surgeries alongside the faculty, and will have the opportunity to see patients and develop their clinical skills.

The fellowship includes a competitive salary, as well as a research allowance for travel, books and other research-related expenses. The fellow will also have access to state-of-the-art research facilities, including imaging equipment and digital technology.

Upon completion of the fellowship, the fellow will have gained expertise in retina research and will be well-prepared for to start a career in academic ophthalmology, industry, or scientific research. They will have developed the skills to design and conduct independent research, and will have a strong understanding of the latest advances in retina research and treatment.

The Retina Research Fellowship in Imaging and Artificial Intelligence is an outstanding opportunity for individuals who are passionate about retina research and want to make a difference in the field. With a dedicated faculty, cutting-edge research projects, and a supportive environment, the fellowship provides a unique experience for individuals who are committed to advancing the field of retina research.

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