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Doctor and Patient



We are a patient-centered practice focused on providing compassionate care


We work together as a team, knowing that patients and providers are partners in facing a common goal - to eradicate blindness and restore vision


We consider it our responsibility to increase access to novel technologies and clinical trials around the world to help our patients who are struggling with visual impairment


We value the importance of clear communication and transparency between health care providers and patients. Our job is to educate and inform our patients and engage in a fluid relationship and exchange

The Heart of Our Practice

We are passionate about fighting blindness. This is the heart of our practice and we have devoted our lives to studying and advancing our field.


We pride ourselves on offering a highly specialized clinical environment in a small boutique like setting while offering the most current advancements in retinal technology.  All practices at VRM Toronto are designed to be centred around the patient experience.  We believe that all patients should feel safe, empowered, and engaged as participants in their healthcare.  We are your partners and on the same team. 

We are actively engaged in mentorship with students because we believe that it is our responsibility to participate in the education and training of those aspiring to be in health professions.  Instilling the importance of intellectual aptitude, research, as well as compassion, sensitivity, and good communication skills are essential to being in healthcare. We understand delivering excellent healthcare requires an excellent and close-knit team where every single role is valued and valued as being essential.

We strongly believe in collaborating with our fellow health professionals around the world because together, we move our field forward to help our patients. Its why we have devoted our lifetime to this profession - we want to help! 

Finally, we believe in the fluidity of exchange between our patients and our team. If you have feedback for us about your experience, or would like to send your suggestions,  please send us a message online - we would love to hear from you! Your input matters!

"Being engaged in Clinical Research Matters and truly Impacts the Quality and Direction of Patient Care"

Research Matters...

The field of retinal ophthalmology has rapidly changed in the past decade with the advent of new technologies and treatment modalities. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep up with these changes and have a part in shaping the future of the way retina care is delivered.


As we learn more, we must evolve in order to provide the best care we can to our patients. As such, we are proud to participate in many of the latest clinical trials in retinal medicine and believe our patients should have access to innovative treatment options.

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