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What does "specialist" mean, and why is it important?

At VRM, we pride ourselves on being retina specialists. A retina specialist is a medical doctor who has completed medical school and a residency in ophthalmology, and has undergone further training in the form of an accredited fellowship to become a "sub-specialist" or "retina specialist".  These accredited fellowships are one to two years in length depending on whether or not there is a surgical component. To be even more precise, retina is actually a "sub-specialty" of ophthalmology. We are highly specialized ophthalmologists !

What is the significance of  "FRCSC" at the end of my doctor's name?

FRCS(C) stands for "Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada which is a distinction earned nationally for establishing specialist medical expertise in an area of study.  Specific to opthalmology, when your doctor is fellowship certified (has the FRCSC), you can be confident that they passed a set of rigorous examinations in order to practice ophthalmology. We encourage you to visit the Royal College website here:

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment ?

At VRM we make every effort to reduce wait times in order to be seen by our doctors. Urgent referrals from health care providers are processed as such.

What makes VRM Toronto unique?

We are passionate about the retina. This is the heart of our practice and we have devoted our lives to studying and advancing our field. We offer a highly specialized clinical environment designed with the patient at its center. We pride ourselves on minimizing wait times while offering the latest advancements in retinal technology in a setting that allows our patients to feel safe, empowered, and engaged.  Our doctors actively read and publish in current journals and adapt their practice to evidence-based medicine. We are engaged retina specialists who believe in participating in international forums so that we can learn from, and collaborate with, other leading minds. From our patient services team to our technicians and doctors, we function together as a team and are invested in you.

Why is it important that my doctor is actively engaged  in research?

The field of retinal ophthalmology has rapidly changed in the past decade with the advent of new technologies and treatment modalities. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep up with these changes and have a part in shaping the future of the way retina care is delivered. As such, we are proud to offer many of the latest clinical trials in retinal medicine and believe our patients should have access to innovative treatment options.

 Does VRM Toronto accept OHIP patients?

Yes! To clarify further, we accept both OHIP and non-OHIP patients.

Do I need a referral to be seen at VRM Toronto? Or can I just call/email and request an appointment myself?

We require referrals for all of our patients.  We do not accept self-referred patients or walk-in appointments. You must seek the advise of your health care professional as to whether or not a referral is appropriate prior to contacting our clinic.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with medical advise if you are not a patient in this clinic or give over the telephone/email opinions/ comment on your specific condition or past medical experience. We encourage you to communicate with your current health care provider(s) to guide you in the right direction.